Robin Harris’s Commentary for The Daily Telegraph on Brexit Deal

  Vice-President of COK and former advisor to the late Prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been asked by The Daily Telegraph (London) to write a commentary on the current Brexit negotiations and the potential deal. You can read his commentary below.   Each day May stays in office heaps humiliation on Britain Anyone passing close to the Royal Chelsea Hospital…

Mate Ćurić at RSI Budapest conference ““Visions of Europe 2019”

On Friday 12 October, Mate Ćurić, general secretary of COK, spoke at a two-day conference organised by the Robert Schuman Institute in Budapest, entitled “Visions of Europe 2019”. The title of his speech was “More Europe, or More European Union?” Mate said: “The EU is an expression of Europe. But Europe is not, and never has been, and never will…

How to Create Growth – FMRS 2015!

Center for the Renewal of Culture alongside the Financial Club and Austrian Economics Center is proud to inform you that Free Market Road Show will again take place in Zagreb. On April 27th at the Faculty of Economics some of the main Croatian and international economy experts like Henry Bouillon, Matt Kibbe, Velimir Šonje, Andrej Grubišić and Sven Sambunjak will gather to discuss the way to achieve economic growth, the…

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