Robin Harris’s report on Višegrad4+ Conference in Prague, 22-25 Nov 2018.

  Most conferences serve, at best, as agreeable talking shops, where like-minded people listen to a serious of empty clichés, meet each other over dinner, and – occasionally – keep in touch afterwards to their mutual benefit. But some conferences, with the right participants, the right themes, and benefiting from the right timing, are much more than that – as…

COK at Višegrad4+ Conference in Prague

The COK team, accompanied by other young Croats, are in Prague from Thursday 22 November till Sunday 25 November for the 2018 Annual Višegrad4+ Conference. Croatia is not part of the Višegrad 4, that is, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – see for the group’s aims and history We are part of the “+”, those on the…

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