Robin Harris’s report on Višegrad4+ Conference in Prague, 22-25 Nov 2018.

  Most conferences serve, at best, as agreeable talking shops, where like-minded people listen to a serious of empty clichés, meet each other over dinner, and – occasionally – keep in touch afterwards to their mutual benefit. But some conferences, with the right participants, the right themes, and benefiting from the right timing, are much more than that – as…

COK at Višegrad4+ Conference in Prague

The COK team, accompanied by other young Croats, are in Prague from Thursday 22 November till Sunday 25 November for the 2018 Annual Višegrad4+ Conference. Croatia is not part of the Višegrad 4, that is, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – see for the group’s aims and history We are part of the “+”, those on the…

How to Create Growth – FMRS 2015!

Center for the Renewal of Culture alongside the Financial Club and Austrian Economics Center is proud to inform you that Free Market Road Show will again take place in Zagreb. On April 27th at the Faculty of Economics some of the main Croatian and international economy experts like Henry Bouillon, Matt Kibbe, Velimir Šonje, Andrej Grubišić and Sven Sambunjak will gather to discuss the way to achieve economic growth, the…

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